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The Importance of an Online Presence

Word of mouth and online searches–that’s how your business gets found in 2020. Word of mouth will depend upon the quality of your service, but online searches depend upon several important factors that you must master for your small business to thrive.

Why an Online Presence is Essential

Your online presence can make or break your business. Chances are that if you handle this correctly, a new customer will find you, find out the information they need about your business, and be able to book an appointment online. Customers appreciate immediacy when dealing with their issues.

An online presence isn’t just for you, the business owner, it also helps consumers a great deal. They are able to get answers to their questions with minimal effort.

online presence

Yes, much small businesses do not have a bunch of resources or time to spend building an online presence, but having very little time is actually not a problem. A website for your business can be extremely simple. It just needs to be updated regularly–not just the content, but the look and feel as well. Getting plugged into a few social media platforms will help you communicate with clients and customers about your business, even if you only post monthly. By doing so, you quickly build authority online.

Any time you dedicate to gaining an online presence for you and your business is well spent. I have five great reasons why it is important to build your online presence, so pay attention and begin filling the gaps in your business.

An Online Presence Enhances Accessibility

Your competition is already building an online presence–don’t let them leave you behind. If a potential customer goes to Google and finds your competitor and not you, you lose that customer. To make sure you are found in Google searches, learn some basic SEO techniques.

online presence

Plain and simple, an online presence enhances accessibility for your potential clients. It creates an easy and effortless way for them to look at your pricing, hours, and offerings. They can compare you to your competition, making any decisions quickly. Make sure it is effortless. Be sure to have answered the most commonly asked questions you receive. Display your contact information in an obvious way.

An Online Presence Reaches a Larger Audience

Customers are able to come to you when you have an online presence. Even if you are currently closed, customers an purchase goods and services online. They are doing the work you would normally do, even if you are not working. You are able to reach a much larger audience because of your online presence.

Customers who find you online and like what they see will recommend you to others. When they see how up to date the information is on your website, they will see you as a professional. Active social media accounts help you and your products to be shared. This brings you even more customers.

An Online Presence Builds Relationships and Trust

When you have a solid online presence, it encourages clients to leave reviews about you, your products, and your services. You will also be able to answer customer questions more efficiently. When you receive positive praise from a customer, it goes a long way towards building trust with potential customers.

Some entrepreneurs worry about negative reviews. Don’t worry! These are simply opportunities to reach unhappy customers and resolve the issues they have. The best part is that if you do so via social media, other potential customers will see how much you care.

An Online Presence Creates Effortless Marketing

When you are selling physical products, an online presence makes selling those products completely effortless. Customers can browse without feeling pressured by salespeople. They can also buy from you 24/7/365.

You also get free advertising (or low-cost advertising) via social media when you have an established online presence. You can write blog posts describing your goods and services. You can work on improving your SEO so you are found without spending a dime on advertising. Your online presence drives effortless marketing.

online presence

An Online Presence Narrows Down What Works

When you have a strong online presence, you can experiment. By tracking the metrics of your site, social media accounts, and blog, you can easily see what is working and what is not working. If a particular blog post creates a spike in website visits, you will know that your audience likes that type of content. This type of feedback is extremely valuable.

Hopefully, you now understand why an online presence is so essential. If you need assistance with building such a presence, get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

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