Tech Executives: Give Me 2 Hours of Your Time and I Will Give You The Treasure Map to Cutting Your Work Hours in Half While Ramping Your Team to 100% Performance Potential Over the Next Ninety Days!

It's time to stop working 80+ hours a week and have a loyal Tech Army to do your bidding!

Working with Mike was a real joy. He broke down the challenges we were facing very quickly, laying out extremely clear and insightful solutions which resonated off the bat. His wealth of knowledge and experience were evident to me from day one. I'm confident that he will add tremendous value to any team, organization, or individual if engaged for his services.
John Blaylock
Founder & CEO, 3lock

Are you ready to stop working insane hours, inspire your team to 100% productivity, and reclaim your personal life? Permanently?

It’s simple – ‘crunch’ culture in the tech space makes the case that you must work insanely long hours as a tech executive to be successful – and that’s just wrong!

But figuring out how to get back to a sane number of hours while simultaneously managing your team and communicating with other executives in your company so you can live the life you deserve can feel daunting and impossible.

Especially when your family wants to spend time with you but you have project deadlines looming.

So what do you think about this?

Let’s get you to a reasonable number of work hours each week by using my Decentralized A-Team Method that will not only reduce your working hours by as much as 50%, but will also strengthen your team, help you master clear communication, and get back valuable time that you can spend how you wish!

No more missing school performances, burning the midnight oil, and feeling like your job is constantly at risk.

Let’s get you back to living life instead of simply existing while your career heads toward new heights!

Best practices from 20+ years as a CTO helping other tech executives create a better lifestyle...


I’m Mike

And I’m sure you may want some proof before you hop on a call with me and decide to invest both your time and money with me – so I’m sure you’re wanting some proof of concept, right

Here’s the story:

I struggled as a CTO…

My team wasn’t performing at all like I wanted them to…

I was missing important events in the lives of my children…

My wife was ready to file for divorce…

I kept being told about work-life balance, but in my experience, work was all that existed!

I remember when I finally realized what I needed to do…

I was driving on the 405 in Orange County, California, heading to a weekly management meeting…

I was listening to talk radio as I did during that time of my life…

The show was discussing the Dodgers’ struggles and placing the blame at the feet of Dave Roberts, the manager…

The host made the point that while the players needed to perform at 100%, Dave was responsible for getting them there.


That was the answer!

That day I began implementing what is now known as The Decentralized A-Team Method™.

I worked that method for 90 straight days and the results were nothing short of amazing…

👉 My weekly hours went from 100 hours a week to 45 hours a week

👉 My team didn’t miss a single deadline during those 90 days

👉 My team took ownership of its tasks and simply kept me informed and only involved me directly when they needed help with a problem right away

👉 I didn’t lose a single staff member during those 90 days

👉 The department’s Net Promoter Score went from 5 to 25 during those 90 days (a testament to the change in my team)

👉 I made it to every event my children were involved in

👉 My wife gleefully commented on our ability to have date nights again

👉 The executive team had a greater understanding of what tech was up to

I was very happy with the results to say the least.

Case & Point: you don’t have to sacrifice productivity to reduce your hours and get better team performance …you just need the right systems

And I happen to know exactly what they are  😉

I’ve worked with Mike for 5+ years...Mike has a strong technology skill set and attention to detail that’s proved invaluable. Mike is very responsive, attentive and dependable, and also has a knack for identifying unique, elegant solutions to problems you face.
Tony Camarata
CEO, Immedia Creative

Less stress, more success